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AMMO Enamel Washes Collection



Get the full AMMO Washes Enamel paints range together. (12 Jars 35mL).

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A basic weathering technique to add contrast and enhance details. Enamel product.
Can be diluted or cleaned with Enamel Odorless Thinner A.MIG-2018/2019.
Shake the jar well before use. Apply the wash with a medium to fine sharp brush into and around surface details, such as rivets and panel lines. In most cases dark colors are used to create this effect, so they must not be applied over the entire surface or it could result in an unduly dark and murky appearance. Wait a few moments until it is dry to the touch and clean the excess with a sponge or clean brush moistened with Enamel Odorless Thinner. Let it dry completely for 24 hours before continuing with the next weathering stage.

Colors included:

A.MIG-1000 Brown Wash for German Dark Yellow A.MIG-1006 Blue Wash for Panzer Grey
A.MIG-1001 Africa Korps Wash A.MIG-1007 US Modern Vehicles Wash
A.MIG-1002 Tracks Wash A.MIG-1008 Dark Wash
A.MIG-1003 Interiors Wash A.MIG-1009 Starship Wash
A.MIG-1004 Light Rust Wash A.MIG-1010 Neutral Wash
A.MIG-1005 Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles A.MIG-1011 Black Wash

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AMMO Enamel Washes Collection

Get the full AMMO Washes Enamel paints range together. (12 Jars 35mL).

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