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AMMO Paint Organizers

Paint Organizers

Miniature paint organizers are tools specifically designed to store and organize paints used in the hobby of modeling and miniature painting. These organizers often have specific features that make them ideal for keeping paints neat and accessible.


What are miniature paint organizers like?

- Size and Capacity: Paint organizers come in different sizes and capacities to accommodate a variety of paint bottles. They can range from small organizers for a few paints to larger shelves or boxes to house a large collection.
- Compartments and trays: These organizers usually have compartments or trays specifically designed to hold paint jars in an orderly fashion. They may have adjustable dividers to accommodate different sizes of jars and help keep them in place.
- Visible design: Many organizers feature a design that allows paint labels to be easily seen, making it easy to quickly identify colors and avoid the need to check each jar.


Uses for miniature paint organizers

- Tidy storage: Organizers help keep paints organized and in a designated place, which prevents scattering and loss of bottles.
- Accessibility: By having paints organized and within easy reach, modelers can quickly find the colors they need during their painting sessions, which saves time and eases workflow.
- Protection: Organizers can also provide a way to protect paints from potential damage, such as bumps or spills.


Advantages of paint organizers for miniatures

- Space saving: Organizers help optimize work space by keeping paints in a tidy and compact place.
- Ease of transport: Some organizers are designed with features that make transporting paints easier, such as handles or secure locking systems, making them ideal for taking to workshops, events or modeling meetings.
- Visibility and quick selection: Organizers that allow clear visibility of paints and quick color selection facilitate the painting process and avoid wasting time searching for a specific color.
In summary, miniature paint organizers are practical tools that allow efficient storage and organization of paints used in modeling and miniature painting. They provide advantages such as tidy storage, quick accessibility to colors and space saving in the work area.

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Modular System Workshop - Auxiliary Section


Specific module to facilitate auxiliary products such as Ultra-Glue A.MIG-2031, Ultra- Liquid Mask A.MIG-2032, Plasticator Thick A.MIG-2076 and Plasticator ThinA.MIG-2077. Aside from these auxiliary products, extra space for the rest of the adhesives of the AMMO range is included.  Satin black finish.

Measures: Width 3,5 x High 3,5 x Length 8,5 cm.


Modular System Workshop - Adhesives Section


Module designed for Extra-Thin Cement A.MIG-2025 series adhesives and Slow Dry Cyanoacrylate A.MIG-8013 and the full range of multi-purpose cyanoacrylate adhesives. Capacity for three bottles of each series. Satin black finish.

Measures: Width 4 x High 3,5 x Length 24 cm