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Asuka Models, also known as Tasca Model, is a well-known scale model kit brand based in Japan. The company specialises in the production of detailed models of military vehicles and warplanes, with a particular focus on World War II models such as the 1/35 British Sherman Firefly or the 1/35 British Army Sherman.

The quality of Asuka Models kits is generally regarded as excellent. The models are designed with a high level of accuracy and attention to detail, making them popular choices for enthusiastic modellers. The brand has earned a solid reputation for the quality of its moulds, customisation options and the quality of detail in the models.

In addition to historical vehicle and aircraft models, Asuka Models has also released modern tank model kits, which include vehicles used by the Japanese defence forces and other contemporary tanks.
Asuka Models has gained recognition in the modelling community for its focus on historical accuracy and authenticity in its kits. The company strives to provide accurate and realistic detail in its models, with special attention to camouflage patterns, textures and additional accessories.

Asuka Models' product range covers a wide variety of military vehicles and aircraft from different eras and conflicts. Among the most prominent models are iconic tanks from World War II, such as the Sherman medium tank and the Tiger I heavy tank. They also offer models of famous warplanes, such as the Japanese A6M Zero fighter and the German Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter.

The company excels at including a significant amount of additional parts in its kits, allowing modellers to further customise and detail their creations. In addition, Asuka Models pays special attention to the dimensional and shape accuracy of the models, which helps modellers achieve more realistic results.

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