List of products by brand Tamiya

Tamiya is a renowned Japanese brand specialising in the manufacture of scale models and modeling related products. Founded in 1946, the company has left a significant mark on the modelling industry and has become synonymous with quality and precision.

Tamiya's product range is wide and diverse, encompassing various modelling categories, including military vehicles, aircraft, automobiles, motorbikes, boats, model figures and dioramas.

Some highlights of Tamiya products include:

  1. Quality and detail: Tamiya models are known for their high quality and detail. The moulds are manufactured with great precision, allowing for a faithful reproduction of real vehicles and objects. Fine details such as textured surfaces, panel lines and accessories are distinctive features of Tamiya models.
  2. Technological innovation: Tamiya has introduced several technological innovations to the modelling world. For example, they have pioneered glueless fitting technology by using precision moulded parts that fit perfectly. They have also developed model kits with moving parts, such as realistic suspensions in military vehicles and functional engines in automobiles.
  3. Wide range of options: Tamiya offers a wide selection of models spanning different eras, styles and levels of difficulty. From basic models for beginners to more complex and detailed kits for experienced modellers, the brand has options for all skill levels and interests.
  4. Accessory support and customisation options: Tamiya offers a variety of accessories, enhancement parts and customisation options for its models. These include detail enhancement kits, decal sets, spare wheels and tyres, lighting sets and many other options to add realism and authenticity to models

Tamiya has also featured prominently in competitions and modelling events around the world, and its name is well known and respected in the modelling community.

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