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AMMO Modulation Colors Collection



Get the full AMMO Modulation colors range together. (36 Jars 17mL).

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Acrylic paints to be used in combination with other tones of the same color range to obtain the modulation effect, interesting light effects, and volume effects with our models base colors.

This paint has been formulated for maximum brush & airbrush performance - 17ml. Water soluble, odorless, and non-toxic. Shake thoroughly before each use.

We recommend A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner for thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours.


Colores incluidos:

A.MIG-0900 Dunkelgelb Shadow A.MIG-0918 Red Primer Shadow
A.MIG-0901 Dunkelgelb Dark Base A.MIG-0919 Red Primer Dark Base
A.MIG-0902 Dunkelgelb Base A.MIG-0920 Red Primer Base
A.MIG-0903 Dunkelgelb Light Base A.MIG-0921 Red Primer Light Base
A.MIG-0904 Dunkelgelb High Light A.MIG-0922 Red Primer High Light
A.MIG-0905 Dunkelgelb Shine A.MIG-0923 Red Primer Shine
A.MIG-0906 Dunkelgrau Shadow A.MIG-0924 Olive Drab Shadow
A.MIG-0907 Dunkelgrau Dark Base A.MIG-0925 RLM 81 Olive Drab Dark
A.MIG-0908 Dunkelgrau Base A.MIG-0926 Olive Drab Base
A.MIG-0909 Dunkelgrau Light Base A.MIG-0927 Olive Drab Light Base
A.MIG-0910 Grey High Light A.MIG-0928 Olive Drab High Light
A.MIG-0911 Grey Shine A.MIG-0929 Olive Drab Shine
A.MIG-0912 Red Brown Shadow A.MIG-0930 Russian Shadow
A.MIG-0913 Red Brown Base A.MIG-0931 Russian Dark Base
A.MIG-0914 Red Brown Light A.MIG-0932 Russian Base
A.MIG-0915 Dark Green (BS 241) A.MIG-0933 Russian Light Base
A.MIG-0916 Green Base A.MIG-0934 Russian High Light
A.MIG-0917 Light Green A.MIG-0935 Russian Shine

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AMMO Modulation Colors Collection

Get the full AMMO Modulation colors range together. (36 Jars 17mL).

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