AMMO Panel Line Wash Collection



Get the full Panel Line Wash Collection range together. (23 Jars 35mL).

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Our Panel Line Wash range is specially designed to create soft washed panel lines in aircraft, and is also perfect for other vehicles where we want to obtain subtle effects such as science fiction subjects, ships and trains.


Colors included:

A.MIG-1600 PLW Light Grey A.MIG-1612 PLW Green Brown
A.MIG-1601 PLW Medium Grey A.MIG-1613 PLW Blue Grey
A.MIG-1602 PLW Deep Grey A.MIG-1614 PLW Neutral Brown
A.MIG-1603 PLW Dark Sea Blue A.MIG-1615 PLW Stone Grey for Black
A.MIG-1604 PLW Pacific Dust A.MIG-1616 PLW Orange Brown
A.MIG-1605 PLW Dark Red Brown A.MIG-1617 PLW Blue Black
A.MIG-1606 PLW Medium Tan A.MIG-1618 PLW Deep Brown
A.MIG-1607 PLW Sky Grey A.MIG-1619 PLW Blue Dirt
A.MIG-1608 PLW Dark Green Grey A.MIG-1620 PLW Dust
A.MIG-1609 PLW Storm Grey A.MIG-1621 PLW Shadow for Desert Brown
A.MIG-1610 PLW Tan Grey A.MIG-1622 PLW Ochre for Sand Camo
A.MIG-1611 PLW Black Night  

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AMMO Panel Line Wash Collection

Get the full Panel Line Wash Collection range together. (23 Jars 35mL).

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