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AMMO Filters Collection



Get the full Filter Collection range together. (12 Jars 35mL).

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In 2002 Mig Jimenez created for first time the FILTERS, based in his technique developed in 1998. These products become very popular around the world and now after many years we decided to release them again with a new look and re-formulated. The most genuine Mig's product now under AMMO label.

Filter easy and ready to use directly on your model. Use the filters by moistening a brush and applying it without flooding the surface, to enrich hues in your models, unify camouflage, or highlight areas with a different tone. With these products we will avoid mixing paints, looking for the correct dilution, or searching for the correct colors for our vehicle. These filters are enamel based and can be cleaned or diluted with Odorless Enamel Thinner.


Colors included:

A.MIG-1500 Brown for White A.MIG-1506 Brown for Dark Green
A.MIG-1501 Grey for White A.MIG-1507 Tan for Yellow Green
A.MIG-1502 Dark Grey for White A.MIG-1508 Green for Grey Green
A.MIG-1503 Ochre for Light Sand A.MIG-1509 Blue for Dark Grey
A.MIG-1504 Brown for Desert Yellow A.MIG-1510 Tan for 3 Tone Camo
A.MIG-1505 Grey for Yellow Sand A.MIG-1511 Brown for Dark Yellow

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AMMO Filters Collection

Get the full Filter Collection range together. (12 Jars 35mL).

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