1/24 BA Loudgale 17cm [Hexa Gear Series]


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Model kits Hexa Gear

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Model Specifications:

  • This model can be converted from an offroad "Vehicle Mode" into "Humanoid Mode."
  • The cockpit can be opened and closed, allowing a separately sold Governor unit to be placed inside.
  • The completely exposed cockpit in "Vehicle Mode" becomes a fully closable cockpit that protects the pilot in "Humanoid Mode."
  • The head sensor can be opened and closed for users to enjoy creating two styles of a more rustic "Closed Face Mode" and a more heroic "Open Face Mode."
  • The model's main weapon "Monster Palette" is a large weapon comprised of combining the grenade launcher and short gun together which can also be used separately as well. A bullet reload feature is also included for users to enjoy.
  • The sculpt of each part is finely tuned down to the ammunition inside the short gun's magazine.
  • Users can enjoy reenacting the model using the laser cutter by attaching the effect parts onto its left and right forearms.
  • The large-sized Wild Tires are made of PVC, which is fitting for an offroad machine. Spare tires are equipped on the back so users can enjoy creating a display of Governors changing its tires.
  • The armor that is equipped on its body and shoulder can be opened from the front side. The arms have a wide range of flexibility to create various dynamic action poses.
  • A rifle with the same design as Bulkarm Glanz is included. Two sets of the long-type "expandable magazines" are included and can be connected together through its 3mm connection joint.
  • The color scheme of this model is desert yellow, brown, clear green, clear yellow, smoke gray, metallic gray, gunmetal gray, and black.

Included Items:

  • BA Loudgale Model x1 set
  • Monster Palette x1 set
  • Mount Arm for Monster Palette x1 set
  • Forearm Effect Parts x2
  • Rifle x1
  • Expandable Magazine for Rifle x1
  • Archive Card x1

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1/24 BA Loudgale 17cm [Hexa Gear Series]

Model kits Hexa Gear

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