1/48 US Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt II



Plastic model kit scale 1/48. Preorder product.

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Model Details:

This kit reproduces the shapes of the real aircraft very accurately, the large number of raised rivets, the rest of the parts of the plane, and the cockpit lines. It has also been designed to facilitate the modeller´s job, reducing the amount of filling and sanding to the minimum.

The clear parts for the canopy faithfully represent to real ones in the aircraft, and with a perfect fit.

To ensure accurate fuselage shapes and maximize the retention of the rear fuselage rivet details, the fuselage has been moulded in four cleverly designed parts, following the lines of the cockpit to minimize the usual filling and sanding work, ensuring that the rivet details will not be affected thanks to the excellent part fit.

In order to accurately reproduce the elliptical profile of the fairing and the complex shape of joint between the engine gondolas and the fuselage, the gondolas have not been moulded as one single part. The excellent fit of the different sub-assemblies helps to preserve the rivet details that may otherwise be damaged when sanding the mould lines created by a slide mould, and it also accurately reproduces the internal frame structure of the engine gondola and the engine mount. The engine blades have been accurately reproduced with the twist present in the real engine blades.

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1/48 US Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt II

Plastic model kit scale 1/48. Preorder product.

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