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1/35 M55 Quad Mount Machine Gun



Plastic model kit 1/35 scale

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Inside of the box you can find a highly detailed plastic kit, with photo-etch parts and 3D printed parts to make either the WW2 M45 version or the Vietnam M55 version of the Quad Mount!

This kit includes 4 decal options printed by Cartograf.

1/35 M55 Quadruple Support Machine Gun: Miniature Detail and Realism

Military scale modelling is characterized by its pursuit of realism, taking inspiration from reality, fine details, and its ability to transport us to specific historical moments. The 1/35th scale M55 Quadruple Support Machine Gun is a testament to these traditions, representing one of the most iconic weapon systems of the modern era.

1/35 M55 Quad Mount Machine Gun Model Features

High Level of Detail: Each part reflects the complexity of the actual weapon system, from its guns to its mounts and mechanisms.

Precise Scaling: Its 1/35 scale provides a wide range of possibilities as it can be combined perfectly with other models, figures, and dioramas of the same scale.

Quality Materials: Manufactured from the highest quality materials that hold exceptional detail, for a realistic and durable model.

M55 Quadruple Support Machine Gun History

Implemented primarily on armoured vehicles and fortifications, the M55 has been a vital tool in anti-aircraft and infantry defence, making its mark in various battles around the world.

Tips for Assembling and Painting your M55 Quad Mount Machine Gun

1. Cleaning: Make sure all parts are free of mould lines and dust before assembly. 

2. Paint: Use specific paints for modelling and consider applying a primer before the painting process.

3. Detailing: Take advantage of the model's rich detail by adding highlights and shading, as well as adding narrative with various weathering techniques.

Combining the M55 with other Models and Dioramas

Due to its versatility, the M55 fits into a variety of scenarios, including urban battles and military base dioramas. Its appearance adds an authentic and dynamic touch to any project.


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1/35 M55 Quad Mount Machine Gun

Plastic model kit 1/35 scale

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