Cobra Motor - Cleaner & Thinner for 2K Clear Lacquer - 30mL



Cleaner & Thinner for Clear Lacquer 2K Cobra Motor

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The Cobra Motor colour range are non-toxic paints, perfect for painting any area of your vehicles including bodies, rims, tires, engines and interiors. They can be very easily applied both with brush and airbrush, and have great covering power and an extremely smooth and uniform matt finish.

To achieve the distinctive gloss finish on the vehicles’ bodies, we have formulated a special lacquer to be used with the associated catalyst and thinner. Cobra Motor lacquer provides the same glossy finish as real vehicles. This is a toxic product, so we recommend using a paint mask during application.

Application tips for 2K Cobra Motor Lacquer:

-To achieve the gloss of real car bodies use 2K Cobra Motor Lacquer. It is a two component epoxy lacquer, a special airbrush version of the polishing lacquers used on real cars, so it is applied in the same way and gets the same gloss as real cars. Mix 2 parts of lacquer with 1 part of Hardener, if you want to apply more fluid coats you can add the desired amount of 2K Lacquer Thinner and Cleaner.

-Clean the paint area from dust before applying the lacquer. You can spray a little water with the airbrush to remove suspended dust particles.

-Hold the model with a support on the inside, so that you never touch it with your fingers, as this can create craters or imperfections in the lacquer. Use gloves that are completely clean of talcum powder and dirt.

-Unlike the Cobra Motor paints, the lacquer is toxic. Use a mask.

-Spray a thin coat of lacquer first, let it dry for 2 minutes and then apply the thicker coat at low pressure, approximately 1 bar-14 psi, to leave a completely wet coat, but do not overdo it so that it does not drip.

-Try to apply the lacquer coat in one continuous pass, starting on one side of the model and finishing on the other.

-Clean the airbrush with 2K Lacquer Thinner and Cleaner.

-Allow to dry for 24-48 hours under a clean cover to prevent dust from settling on it.

-If any dust particles have fallen into the lacquer, or if it has been scratched during handling, it can be polished in exactly the same way as on real cars. We recommend Mr. Hobby's Mr. Compound Coarse, Fine and Superfine polishes.

For more detailed and visual information about this product, click here.

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Cobra Motor - Cleaner & Thinner for 2K Clear Lacquer - 30mL

Cleaner & Thinner for Clear Lacquer 2K Cobra Motor

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