Self-leveling sandable primer solution in black color.
Jar of 60 mL.

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The definitive primer solution that covers in one layer in black color. Formulated for every kind of surface, water-soluble, with high gripping power resin, photo-etch.

  • High gripping power.
  • Fast dry, sandable within 24 hours.
  • Self-leveling formula preserves all fine details.
  • Ready for direct use, no thinner or dilution needed.
  • No drip system incorporated in the cap.
  • Non toxic.

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Rafa E

Una imprimación fantástica

Es una imprimación de primera. La adherencia es total y no tapa ningún detalle. Hay que batirla bien y verterla en la copa del aerografo directamente sin diluir (yo le he metido dos bolitas metálicas de las que distribuye Mig porque no las trae). Rinde mucho y no huele nada. En resumidas cuentas que no voy a utilizar ninguna otra. Un saludo

Javier V

Una pasada

Realmente es lo mejor que he visto en mi vida. Mig no recomienda aligerarlo, pero francamente a mi me ha ido mejor con dos gotitas de thinner, que directamente. Será mi aerógrafo que es una kaka pero directamente no me a mi (insistiendo que es a mi) fluía suficientmente bien. Tampoco me ha parecido que con dos gotitas de thinner la imprimación haya caído en calidad. Fuera aparte, es lo mejor que he pillado en mi vida, una pasada de imprimador.

Nazir M

One Shot Primer - Black - Review

This high-quality primer is very easy to use, simply shake, pour into your airbrush, and add a little bit of thinner, and off you go. It's easy to clean with just water (before curing) and contains no strong smells. <br /> <br /> I recommend to always prime your model before adding your base coat. This will unify the variety of different materials used on your model, and make spraying your base coat a much easier process.<br /> <br /> If you use a 0.3 mm nozzle in your airbrush I recommend thinning the paint to the consistency of skimmed milk. Exact measurements depend on your airbrush and air pressure used. <br /> <br /> Do not over thin the primer. If you do, the primer may not adhere to the surface of your model. If this happens, pour more primer into the over thinned primer in your airbrush. If you cannot do this, pour the over thinned primer back into the bottle. This depends on how much thinner you've added. Shake very well.<br /> <br /> Unlike other primers I've used, One Shot Primer does not cover the surface in one pass. This is something to note, spray a light coat over the model, and let that dry for about 15 minutes. This will break the surface tension between the paint and the untreated plastic. After, proceed to spray more light coats until you have a nice smooth surface. After that, you can spray slightly heavier coats.<br /> <br /> If your first coat is a heavy one, expect orange peeling, surface flooding, and all kinds of unwanted effects. This will result in more primer being used to properly cover the surface, will hide fine details, and not be smooth and uniform.<br /> <br /> Keep your airbrush at a convenient distance away from your model to be sprayed (not too close, or too far) and lightly spray all over the model. After each coat, do the same thing, but with you airbrush slightly closer and more paint this time.<br /> <br /> If done right, One Shot Primer dries extremely smooth. I was surprised how smooth the primer dried compared to other brands I've used.<br /> <br /> One Shot Primer doesn't contain the famous 'drip system' in the cap. I'm not a big fan of this, as it's easy to pour in too much paint into the airbrush, also it's not very accurate. Further, it can be very messy at times. However, this shouldn't turn you away from picking this up.<br /> <br /> One Shot Primer is easy to use, dries to touch within 1 hour, (wait a minimum of 12-24 hours before masking and/or painting over). Easy to thin down with acrylic thinner, preserves fine details on your model, used to prime all kinds of surfaces, such as resin, and photo-etch and most of all, it's non-toxic.<br /> <br /> One Shot Primer should be apart of every modeller's stash.<br /> <br /> Contains 60 mL black acrylic primer. No stirring ball.

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Matías A


He estado usado este producto y el único problema que veo es que la tapa pierde liquido. Seria conveniente utilizar otro tipo tapas como por ejemplo los que utilizan los acrílicos para evitar dichas fugas.

Viktor F

The Best Primer

I think it's the best primer i ever use.... It is really easy to aply it. It has no smell, that is really very important!! Unfortunately i cant't add pictures of my results, but belive me it is truth!!!!))))

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Self-leveling sandable primer solution in black color.
Jar of 60 mL.

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