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BLITZKRIEG - LIGHTING WAR (1939-41) (English)


This book is only in ENGLISH language.

Hard Cover, 215 pages

  • 83 Reconstructions of uniforms with original equipment and clothes
  • 137 Full color photographs of original clothes, equipment and decorations
  • 162 Wartime photographs
  • 29 profiles of tanks
  • 8 profiles of aircraft

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28,00 €

This book is a study on the German Army acting in some outstanding episodes during WWII. More concretely, this work focuses on the 1939-1941 period, which matches with the starting of the Blitzkrieg or Lighting War by the Wehrmacht.

This book is made up of seven chapters. The first one is about the Condor Legion (which employed for the first time some of the more characteristic Blitzkrieg guns) while the second chapter is related to the process that culminated in the War outbreak. The operations that defined the Blitzkrieg are studied in the rest of the book.
We have included so many wartime photographs, most of them still unpublished, and added full color pictures to portray the more representative uniforms worn by the Wehrmacht during this period.
The wartime photographs come from public and private archives and collections, we need to emphasize especially the collaboration given by Antonio González Sánchez and Santiago Guillén González, who placed their own superb collections at the author's disposal.
The work has been also added many color profiles of aircraft and tanks as the use of both guns was one of the keys of the Blitzkrieg success during the first years of WWII


  • Chapter 1: The Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War
  • Chapter 2: The Anschluss and the Invasion of Czechoslovakia
  • Chapter 3: The Polish Campaign
  • Chapter 4: The Invasion of Norway
  • Chapter 5: War in the West
  • Chapter 6: The Invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia
  • Chapter 7: Operation Barbarrossa


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