Sistema de Almacenamiento AMMO para botes Tamiya / Gunze


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Sistema de almacenamiento para 54 botes de 34 mm de anchura

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Estantes optimizados para almacenar 54 botes individuales del estilo de Tamiya / Mr Color de 10ml (1/3 oz), botes de 34 milímetros de anchura en el menor espacio posible. Los botes se almacenan en un ángulo que minimiza el tamaño de almacenaje y que nos permite localizar nuestros colores al momento. Medidas de 40 x 30 x 6,5 cm. Puede colocarse sobre una mesa o colgado de la pared. Fabricado en fibra de madera, es muy sencillo de montar en unos pocos minutos. Se necesita cola o pegamento para el montaje (no incluido).


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The pieces did not fit and constantly came loose. Threw it away after trying to assemble it for half an hour.

Brent Amersbach

Do not buy these

These organizers come with no instructions, and no fasteners of any kind. You are expected to figure out what all the pieces are, and then have it hold together with nothing but the glue. I could not get this thing to hold together. Probably it needs to be clamped, but I do plastic models, not wood work, and this is not described as a wood working project that needs special tools. Just glue. Even assuming I could get it together, I'm not trusting the weight of hundreds of dollars in paint to some glue.<br /> <br /> Garbage it is, and garbage is where it went.

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Craig Sargent

Great design, bad construction

Having bought some of the HobbyZone paint racks and used them successfully, I was enthused to add this rack to my collection. Easy assembly is the worst description you could have for this rack. While it's very obvious where and how the parts fit, you need 4 pairs of hands to try and align the paint shelves and stop the already fitted shelves falling out. There are NO instructions for a recommended assembly sequence to ease construction. I'll be going back to the HobbyZone products, and avoiding the AMMO rebranded ones. Great design - poor execution.

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Sistema de Almacenamiento AMMO para botes Tamiya / Gunze

Sistema de almacenamiento para 54 botes de 34 mm de anchura

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