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Paint Shaker



This tool has a stable base with a quickly oscillating device. Thanks to the unique elastic band adjustable to 6 positions,

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This new tool can accommodate any modelling paint bottle or jar regardless of shape or size. The PAINT SHAKER guarantees perfect mixing of any type of colour, acrylic, lacquer or enamel while also extending its durability. Both AC and battery powered.  

  • Includes 3 adjustable elastic bands and a voltage transformer
  • Input: 240V/60Hz or 4 batteries AA - 1,5V (not included)
  • Output: 3V 500Ma



A miniature paint stirrer is a tool used in the hobby of modeling and painting miniature figures. It is also referred to as a paint mixer or shaker mixer. Its main purpose is to properly mix the paint before it is applied to the miniatures. Here is some information about its uses and advantages:



1. Paint mixing: miniature paints often have pigments and binders that can separate over time. A paint stirrer helps to mix these components evenly to obtain a homogeneous consistency.
2. Pigment spreading: Some paints contain very fine pigments that can settle to the bottom of the container. A paint stirrer helps disperse these pigments evenly to prevent them from building up and affecting the paint application.



1. Time savings: manually stirring paint can take time and effort. An automated paint stirrer, such as a hand-held stirrer or an electric stirrer, speeds up the mixing process and saves time.
2. More uniform results: By mixing the paint properly, a uniform consistency is achieved and potential problems such as lumps or pigment separation are avoided, resulting in a smoother application and a more professional finish.
Increased durability: By avoiding pigment build-up at the bottom of the container, the life of the paint is extended. In addition, good mixing ensures that the paint components are balanced, which helps maintain the quality of the paint over the long term.


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Cornelius Healy


I have used this item approximately 4-5 times a week since March of 2020. It does a great job at mixing paint. The shaker is stable upon a work bench, easy to mount paint, and has a good solid feel to it. The only problem that I have observed is that the design of the switch is low-grade and cheap. After using this product for a month the spring in the switch moves and caused it to not shut off. One has to hit the top of the shaker with your hand or slam the body of the shaker down hard upon your bench to cause the spring within the switch housing to shut off. I think that the manufacturing would have a better product if they removed this switch and installed a toggle type. Another option would be to install a better switch of the same similar design and dimensions. <br /> <br /> Overall I like the product and recommend it for those who paint a lot. I would also like to say that if you purchased this product from MIG Jimenez you can expect outstanding customer service. They will respond to any inquiries that you submit and are very friendly. They have made a customer out of me.

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Paint Shaker

This tool has a stable base with a quickly oscillating device. Thanks to the unique elastic band adjustable to 6 positions,

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