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Cobra Motor Upholstery Set



Cobra Motor colour set

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This set has been selected to paint upholstery sporting three of the most common colours found cars. This reference is perfect for all modellers who want to get the interiors as realistically finished as the exterior of the model.

The Cobra Motor range of paints has been formulated with the highest quality controls, resulting in highly durable products with extremely vivid colours. Thanks to their new formulation, they can be applied with a brush directly from the bottle or using an airbrush thinned down with A.MIG-2263 Cleaner & Thinner lacquer thinner. In both cases, you will obtain a smooth and uniform surface with very little effort.

These colours have been matched to those used in the most famous cars of all time, providing a completely professional result, as well as the most accurate tones possible.

This reference contains the following products:

  • A.MIG-0302    Cobra Motor Beige Leather
  • A.MIG-0318    Cobra Motor Reddish Leather
  • A.MIG-0319    Cobra Motor Brown Leather

If you want to know more about how to use AMMO Cobra Motor paints follow this links:

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Cobra-Motor_Clear-Lacquer-2k-Hardener Quick Tip LINK

Cobra-Motor_Surface-Preparation Quick Tip LINK

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Cobra Motor Upholstery Set

Cobra Motor colour set

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