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Cobra Motor Lacquer Set



Cobra Motor colour set

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This set includes the products required to apply a clear lacquer coat to any civilian vehicle and obtain a high-gloss, hard-wearing finish. For optimal results, mix two parts of A.MIG-2261 Clear Lacquer 2K and one part A.MIG-2262 Hardener.

Airbrush the mix in several coats until obtaining a thick coverage. Leave it dry in a place completely protected from dust for 24 hours. But to be in the safe side, we recommend to wait at least 48 hours before continuing to work with the model.  

After this drying time, we can apply other products, such as decals, washes, etc. over the lacquer without fear of damaging it. You can also sand and polish it to remove any dust speck or lint that may have adhered to the surface.

This reference contains the following products:

  • A.MIG-2261    Cobra Clear Lacquer 2K Motor
  • A.MIG-2261    Cobra Clear Lacquer 2K Motor
  • A.MIG-2262    Cobra Hardener Engine

If you want to know more about how to use AMMO Cobra Motor paints follow this links:

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Cobra-Motor_Clear-Lacquer-2k-Hardener Quick Tip LINK

Cobra-Motor_Surface-Preparation Quick Tip LINK

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Cobra Motor Lacquer Set

Cobra Motor colour set

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