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Using the New Set Modern Russian Camo Colors

Using the New Set Modern Russian Camo Colors

 Hello friends,

The AMMO blog pages are our way to show to you some of our products, but also to show you techniques that we hope will be helpful.  The subject of this chapter begins with the idea of showing the AMMO Modern Russian Colors acrylic paints.  Of course, once I begin working on a model it is hard to stop at only the painting stage – so – as you will see I continue with the project all the way through to final weathering.

The model is the Trumpeter BTR 80, a very nice kit that is well detailed and easy to assemble.

The first stage of painting is the primer.  AMMO primers are not only good for laying a foundation, but by choosing the colors carefully I can also add an element of pre-shade to the undercoat.

Painting begins using A.MIG-055 Oil Ochre as the base color.  AMMO acrylics are specially blended to be applied either by brush or airbrush.  In this case I airbrushed the colors straight from the bottles.

 Broad stripes of the second color, A.MIG-058 Light Green Khaki, are added

Finally, disruptive Modern Russian Camouflage color, A.MIG-055 Black, is sprayed in a pattern similar fashion with using the airbrush.

Tools and other details are easily painted using the wide range of specialty colors.  Light Wood, A.MIG-038, is shown here being painted using a fine tipped brush.

In a similar manner, A.MIG-033 Rubber and Tires is an excellent choice for painting the large tires of the BTR 80.  In this case the color was airbrush.

Surface details are defined using A.MIG-1000 Brown Wash for German Dark Yellow, a wash less intense than Dark Brown Wash and balances perfectly over the ochre base color.


Combinations of AMMO Nature Effects are lightly airbrush onto the lower surfaces to indicate dirt, dust, splashes and stains.

Moisture stains are indicated on the tires by selective washes using A.MIG-1005 Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles.


Heavier dirt accumulations are created by brushing AMMO pigments.

The remaining steps are simply a matter of fixing small details until I felt satisfied.  The Modern Russian Colors acrylic paints are perfectly matched to the reference photos showing the BTR 80 in service.  And of course, AMMO weathering products are making weathering realistic and easy.


Thank you for taking time to visit, I hope that I was able to show some techniques that will help you with your modeling. 




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Post By Carlos Muñoz de Bustillo Fernandez   |   Tue, 9 Feb 2016
*Hola Miguel, el modelo del BTR 80 es espectacular , me ha gustado mucho tus tecnicas de efectos y me gustaria comentarte algo,por causas del destino por llamarlo de alguna manera una pagina me llevo al enlace del los tres tutoriales del envejecido del tanque en Malaga el del oxido en vehiculos militares, mi historia por asi decirlo un poco es que sobre 11 a 14 años hice alguna que otra maqueta de avion , helicoptero y algun tanque, obviamente sin efectos ningunos, a fincel en fin luego hasta mas tarde no volvi a retomar el tema haciendo dos barcos de modelismo naval en madera el ultimo aun por acabar, gracias a tus tutoriales he decidido retomar de nuevo la aficion, que por causas llamemoslas \"x\" no he podido seguir como quisiese, y me gustaria que me aconsejaras un modelo de aerografo para empezar, no me importaria gastar algo mas de lo que cuesta uno mas basico, que tipo de aguja 0.2 , 0.3, 0.4 .... estoy un poco perdido, muchas gracias de antemano y por haber aguantado mi historia, un abrazo*
Post By Dusko   |   Fri, 28 Mar 2014
*Great job ,spectacular .Can you tell me product numbers off nature efects which you use for model ,I see only two first Earth and Kursk soli? \r\nCamo sheme s not from the box where are you found this great combination?\r\nRegards from Serbia.*
Post By Koen   |   Fri, 28 Feb 2014
*Hi Rick! \r\nThanks for your awesome walkthrough of how you painted and weathered this model! *