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In the Plastic Garden

In the Plastic Garden

Since my earliest days,modeling has always been more than simply the construction and painting of the kit. Much of my enjoyment has come from creating the small vignettes (or larger dioramas) that set the stage and complete the story.  However, sometimes finding the proper materials to create our scenes can be a challenge. Often we find that grasses and landscape items have poor detail or are in the wrong scale. Other times the techniques can be to difficult or time consuming that the project is not enjoyable. 

Now we have some good options for making good-looking scenes, quickly and easily. In this short tutorial, I will show the use of some new AMMO vegetation products; grass matts “Pinewood Forest” and “Stony Mountain Ground”, and leaves “Maple” and “Oak”. As you will see, these products are easy to use, versatile and most importantly look great.

The subject of this scene comes from a series of photographs showing abandoned World War II era bunkers in West Virginia.  During their time, these bunkers produced and stored gunpowder for the war effort, but were shut down at the end of the war and remain empty.

 AMMO Vegetation1

Items used for this project include Stony Mountain Ground (A.MIG-8351), Pinewood Forest Base (A-MIG-8352), Maple/Autumn leaves (A.MIG-8400) and Oak/Dry Leaves (A.MIG-8402).

 AMMO Vegetation2

In this photo you can see that I am preparing the groundwork by applying pigments over the surfaces. This application will provide a nice, earthen colored base and a little texture upon which to place the vegetation materials. The construction of the bunker and base will be covered in a future article. 

AMMO Vegetation3

The AMMO vegetation mats are packages as a large rectangle; ashape would be nice if I was making a farm pasture, but my ground terrain is full of irregular shapes. Not a problem!  The backing material of the grass mats is a woven mesh that can be pulled apart or easily cut to shape.  Any excess “strings” are trimmed away.

 AMMO Vegetation4

With the proper shape in hand I dab a little super glue around the edges of the backing mesh.

 AMMO Vegetation5

Then the sections of grass mat are placed upon the base.In this case, I can take advantage of the squared edges of the mat to fit this piece perfectly into the corner. It’s really that easy!!

 AMMO Vegetation6

The flexible nature of these vegetation mats allows them to conform to almost any shaped contour. Again, a little superglue on the back and then the grass is pressed into place.

 AMMO Vegetation7

 If you choose, tufts of grass can be pulled off from the backing andplaced individuallyin certain places to help hide and any edges or seams.

 AMMO Vegetation8

A very light misting of A.MIG-036 Dust acrylic color helps to eliminate any synthetic sheen and unify the overall appearance of the landscape.

 AMMO Vegetation9

I purposefully left small areas of bare soil (remember the pigments I did earlier?) to show through between the patches of grass. The small stones and rocks are painted incolors similar to those found within the stony the vegetation mats.

 AMMO Vegetation10

A scattering of dried leaves is a good way to give the entry of the bunker a neglected, windswept appearance. Sand and Gravel glue will be used to adhere the leave.

 AMMO Vegetation11

The leaves are placed onto the surfaces and then lightly touched with a brush moistened with Sand and Gravel glue to fix in place.  A few extra touches here and there and my base is complete.

 AMMO Vegetation13

 AMMO Vegetation14


AMMO Vegetation15

Rick Lawler

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Post By Jose Javier   |   Thu, 21 Jul 2016
*Admirado Miguel, te sobrepasas con cada publicación.\r\nhas hecho una descripción del producto Hyde su utilización dentro del diorama que haces que parezca todo mas sencillo de lo que es.\r\nComo siempre mi admiración.*
Post By Diego   |   Mon, 16 Nov 2015
*exelente tutorial, tengo poco tiempo con esto del modelismo, recien este año, pero e visto un par de tutos y guias tuyas y me parece sorprendete el trabajo que haces con la pintura, detalles y materiales, tambien e leido del asunto con vallejo, pero despues de lo leido con el tema y de lo que e visto me inclino por tus productos, no solo por el trabajo que haces sino porque esa guarrada de vallejo no se le hacen a los amigos\r\nAqui en mi pais solo consigo prodcutos de modelismo por internet, espero que sigas trabajando duro en tus proyectos y ver mas trabajos aqui en el blog porque hace ya ratito que no se actualiza\r\nSaludos desde Panama\r\nkeep working*
Post By Oscar R. Quintero M   |   Mon, 27 Apr 2015
*Apreciado Miguel: Hace algunos años te contacte para poder represantar tu compañia en America Latina. Por diversas circunstancias profesionales y de trabajo no me fue posible. \r\nTe agradezco mucho si puedes corresponder el mensaje para platicar contigo sobre el tema.\r\nAgradezco desde ya tu atencion, tiempo y comentarios. *
Post By koen   |   Tue, 17 Mar 2015
*i love the tutorial and the new grass mats look great! only comment is that in the article it wasn\'t clear there where links to the products. maybe make them bold or a different color so they stand out more!*