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How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames (English) Maximize

How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames (English)


Softcover, 168 pages with with with high-quality colour photographs .

WARNING. This book is only in ENGLISH language

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A.MIG-6285 How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames(English)
A.MIG-6286 Cómo Pintar Miniaturas para Wargames (Castellano)
A.MIG-6287 Comment Peindre les Miniatures pour les Wargames FRANÇAIS(Français)

Publisher:AMMO by Mig Jiménez
Subject:Figure modelling
Author(s):Rubén Torregrosa, Giuseppe Chiafele, Iván Sanz de Castro, George Hatzopoulos, David Imrie y Omar Olabi
Languages:English (available also in Spanish & French language)
No. of pages & Description: Softcover, 168 pages with high-quality colour photographs


In this book, Rubén Torregrosa and a large number of guest authors introduce you to some of the most popular miniature painting techniques among wargaming fans, ranging from the simplest methods using a single colour for each element of the figure, to the most elaborate in which five layers are applied to create the illusion of depth by playing with light and shadow. Both the novice and experienced fans will find this title useful for discovering new techniques or perfecting those already being used.

The book is divided into two sections. The first are tutorials covering all of the steps that must be followed to paint a miniature, from cleaning and preparation to the different ways of painting the subject and finishing the base. The second part is made up of a series of masterclasses by internationally renowned wargame figure painters such as the great Forge World painter Giuseppe Chiafele, and the renowned historical painters David Imrie and George Hatzopoulos, as well as other great army painters such as Iván Sanz or Omar Olabi. The aim of these master classes is to show how an experienced painter approaches painting from the preparation of the figures to applying the final details, by walking you through a series of step-by-step guides - in order to discover the personal style and techniques of each author.

In recent decades, miniature wargaming has gained enormous popularity. Unlike other modelling disciplines in which the hobbyist paints the miniatures only to display them in a showcase or at a competition, wargamers paint complete armies in order to later play games with them on a board, a characteristic dictating that the painting process must be approached in a specific way: in this discipline time takes precedence over quality in order to obtain effective results across a large number of figures in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

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