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Subscription for Encyclopedia of Armour Modelling Techniques - 5 volumes

Special New Release offer: enjoy the full collection now at a special price and obtain for free Volume 1 in addition to a special Volume 6 JUST for subscribers. Choose your language

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The definitive encyclopedia of model Armour Fighting Vehicles performed by Mig Jimenez, author of Best Sellers in Model history FAQ 1 and 2, and a selection of the best worldwide aircraft modelers, led by Mig Jimenez.


Through more than 750 pages and 4,500 high quality and full color photos, modelers can learn everything needed to make tanks, from the simplest processes for the new modeler to advanced techniques for the advanced modeler.


The processes explained in this encyclopedia are composed of highly informative texts and numerous pictures explaining in great detail every step. This encyclopedia is the ultimate tool that should be on the table of every armour fighting vehicle modeling fan. The amount and great detail of detailed processes makes this work so extensive that is has been divided into 5 volumes to make it more manageable on any desk.


This encyclopedia consists of 5 volumes:


  • Volume 1: Construction. (152 pages, € 25, AVAILABLE)
  • Volume 2: Interiors and Base Color (160 pages, € 31, AVAILABLE)
  • Volume 3: Camouflage (150 pages, € 31, AVAILABLE)
  • Volume 4: Weathering (160 pages, € 31, AVAILABLE)
  • Volume 5: Final Touches (160 pages, € 31, AVAILABLE)


Special Subscription NEW Release Offer:

Total Price of full encyclopedia: 149 € 

Subscription Offer: 124 € (you save 25 €) + Special 48 pages Volume 6 FREE



Note: if you purchase this product you subscribe to this 5 full encyclopedia. You will receive Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 now and the extra special volume when it is released. Shipping costs will be displayed during the checkout process and they include all the necessary costs for every delivery.

David Esst

An excellent book, for any modeller!

After reading the weathering magazines, and watching so many videos from so called experts, on the building aspects i failed to see anything helpful. Then i saw Migs video at IMPS and it was so so much better and, i bought this book knowing Mig gives consise and detailed info.
Some more experienced modellers may find the first few chapters a bit like sucking eggs, but the rest of the book is a valuable tool in anyones arsenal. New beginner modellers NEED this book!
If the rest of the series are like this, then sign me up. I cant wait!

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

Not French?

"Why it's not in french?"

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