Visit to Wing 31: A-400 "MAMMOTH"

In the video, you will join Alba Otin and Javier López de Anca, who had the opportunity to visit the base and access the interior of the planes, along with the AMMO team. The A-400 aircraft is a military transport plane manufactured by Airbus. It is one of the most modern and versatile planes in the Spanish Air Force, capable of transporting heavy loads and carrying out missions anywhere in the world.

Throughout the video, you will learn about the characteristics and capabilities of the aircraft, as well as its history and main uses in the Spanish Air Force. Additionally, we will talk about the Zaragoza Air Base, where these planes are located, and its strategic importance in their operation. All of this accompanied by impressive images of the plane and its most relevant details, which make it a true masterpiece of aeronautical engineering.

We hope you enjoy this video and that it gives you a new perspective on the A-400 aircraft and its role in the Spanish Air Force. Enjoy!

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