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YAKUMO WWII Western Front Set



YAKUMO provides you with a complete solution for the whole weathering process in small packs that simplifies your choice of products.

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Europe was the scene of many of the most interesting battles for the modeller, such as the Italian campaign, Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, Hungary or the fall of Berlin or Warsaw. On these battlefronts, the Germans often used different standardised camouflage patterns always based on the colours Olivgrün green and Schokobraun brown on a base of Dunkelgelb yellow.
Summer dust or dry mud were the most common effects on German vehicles. In addition to these two products, there is also an optimum colour for washes and a colour for run-off dirt effects. We recommend using it together with SET D: BASICS for a much more complete result.

You can thin and clean the Yakumo enamel and pigments with Mr. Weathering Solvent. Very soon available in this web.

Discover all the possibilities of Yakumo products in the latest book by Mig Jimenez: Yakumo Book

This set contains:

  • MIG001 - DARK WASH (enamel)
  • MIG002 - DARK STREAKING GRIME (enamel)
  • MIG003 - DRY MUD (enamel)
  • MIG004 - EUROPE DUST (pigment)

YAKUMO is a new painting system for modellers; it provides a weathering product for each step of the painting process of a military vehicle. In a world saturated by an endless amount of painting and weathering products and many complex alternatives, Mr. HOBBY and AMMO have combined their vast experience to provide modellers with a unique and simple solution for weathering models.

YAKUMO represents the essence of tradition and the basic pleasure of enjoying painting a model without complicated steps and time-consuming processes, while creating excellent results. With YAKUMO, just a few basic steps are enough to achieve a realistic and very attractive result, even if the modeller has no previous experience.

Mr. HOBBY offers extensive experience in the manufacture of products for modelling, where quality is the main objective, and YAKUMO is the result of these high standards. Mig Jiménez has developed the products and the painting process, based on many years of experience in developing products and techniques for military vehicles.

YAKUMO is a new experience for all types of modellers, regardless of their skill. It is the essence of craftsmanship, simplicity and quality.


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YAKUMO WWII Western Front Set

YAKUMO provides you with a complete solution for the whole weathering process in small packs that simplifies your choice of products.

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