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ATOM Luftwaffe WWII Colors Set



ATOM Acrylic Colors Set for Brush and Airbrush 20ml - 12 jars colors

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Set of 12 water-based, high-quality ATOM colours specially selected to represent the camouflage schemes used by the Luftwaffe during World War II.

With this set you will be able to paint most of the German aircraft used in the war in the European Theater, on the Eastern front as well as in North Africa. You can use them to paint some of the most famous planes such as the Bf 109, Fw 190, Stuka, He 111, Ju 88 and many others. This set provides you with all the correct colours saving a great deal of time. These colours are accurately matched and slightly lightened to compensate for the scale effect on any model.

The water-based paint formula behaves as a lacquer, and is optimized for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush. These paints stand out for being self-levelling and quick drying, and for their covering power, making them unique to the market. In addition, they are extremely durable, allowing for acrylics, enamels and even hotter modelling products such as decal solutions to be applied over them.

These colours are presented in a new clear 20 ml container featuring a new cap that can be opened and closed with one hand. These paints are non-toxic and odourless.

Colours included in this set:

  • ATOM-20078    GRAU RLM02
  • ATOM-20067    OLIVGRÜN (RLM71)
  • ATOM-20127    HELLBLAU RLM65
  • ATOM-20024    SANDGELB RLM79
  • ATOM-20126    HELLBLAU RLM78
  • ATOM-20157    GRAUGRÜN RLM74
  • ATOM-20130    PALE GREY (RLM76)
  • ATOM-20077    DUNKELGRÜN RLM81
  • ATOM-20075    HELLGRÜN RLM82
  • ATOM-20141    ASH GREY RLM84

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ATOM Luftwaffe WWII Colors Set

ATOM Acrylic Colors Set for Brush and Airbrush 20ml - 12 jars colors

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