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Essentials Assembly by Diego Quijano


Essential products for assembly used and selected by Diego Quijano

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This Assembly Essentials Box provides you with all of the key products you need to properly assemble your models quickly and professionally in a single box. With these products you are supplied with the appropriate adhesives, finishing putty, sanding and polishing abrasives, masking materials, and decal setting solutions to prepare you for any model in any scale.

The internationally renowned model maker Diego Quijano presents you with this ideal selection of essential products which includes the necessary glues for any plastic model type and scale, resin, photo-etched details, transparent components, putty and sandpaper of 8 different grades for sanding and polishing your models to a flawless finish, as well as brushes and sponges universally used for all aspects of assembly.

Remember that this box of Essentials is only available in very limited quantities during the 2020 FLAK Black Friday 2020 holiday promotion.

The complete list of products included in this Essentials box by Diego Quijano is shown below:

  • A.MIG-8561 Round Sponge
  • A.MIG-8563 Standard Sanding Stick
  • A.MIG-8564 Multipurpose Sanding Stick
  • A.MIG-8565 Large Surface Sanding Stick
  • A.MIG-2025 Extra Thin Cement
  • A.MIG-8013 Slow Dry Cyanoacrylate
  • A.MIG-2031 Ultra Glue
  • A.MIG-8038 Masking Tape #1 (2mm x 25m)
  • A.MIG-8040 Masking Tape #3 (10mm X 25m)
  • A.MIG-8041 Masking Tape #4 (20mm X 25m)
  • A.MIG-2029 Ultra Decal-Set
  • A.MIG-2030 Ultra Decal-Fix
  • A.MIG-2032 Ultra Liquid Mask
  • A.MIG-2040 Arming Putty Classic
  • A.MIG-8570 Sniperbrush Collection Set (7 different types)
  • A.MIG-8585 8 Synthetic Saw Brush
  • A.MIG-8590 3/0 Synthetic Liner Brush
  • A.MIG-8595 4 Synthetic Filbert Brush
  • A.MIG-8610 5/0 Synthetic Round Brush
  • A.MIG-8612 2/0 Synthetic Round Brush
  • A.MIG-8613 1 Synthetic Round Brush
  • A.MIG-8615 4 Synthetic Round Brush
  • A.MIG-8621 6 Synthetic Flat Brush
  • A.MIG-8008 Aluminium Pallet (6 Wells)
  • A.MIG-8026 Brass Toothpicks
  • A.MIG-8068 Multicam AMMO Face Mask

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