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Essentials WWII Aircraft by Javier López de Anca


Essential products for WWII Aircraft used and selected by Javier López de Anca

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This box contains the most essential products that Javier López de Anca uses for almost all of his planes. With these references you will be able to obtain the distinguishing finishes that characterizes his models. Regardless of the camouflage type, Javier always works with Shaders, Panel Line Wash, Streaking Brusher, Pigments, Oilbrushers, and now with the new Dry Brush range of colours. With all this full range, you can shade, panel line, make fuel and hydraulic stains, and imitate dust and dirt stains. In addition to all of these effects, we have also added the necessary glue, putty, primer, masking, decals, as well as thinners and varnishes required for every project.

Remember that this box of Essentials is only available during the Black Friday 2020 event and in very limited units.

The complete list of products included in this Essentials box by Javier López de Anca is shown below:

  • A.MIG-0601 Light Grey
  • A.MIG-0604 Panzer Grey
  • A.MIG-0605 Bright Green
  • A.MIG-0613 Light Blue
  • A.MIG-0616 Light Sand
  • A.MIG-0852 Earth Shader
  • A.MIG-0855 Starship Filth Shader
  • A.MIG-0858 Ash Black Shader
  • A.MIG-2024 One Shot Primer - Grey
  • A.MIG-2056 Satin Lucky Varnish (17mL size)
  • A.MIG-2016 Transparator
  • A.MIG-3500 Black (Oilbrushers)
  • A.MIG-3501 White (Oilbrushers)
  • A.MIG-3505 Olive Green (Oilbrushers)
  • A.MIG-3508 Dark Mud (Oilbrushers)
  • A.MIG-3514 Earth (Oilbrushers)
  • A.MIG-3515 Ochre (Oilbrushers)
  • A.MIG-3517 Buff (Oilbrushers)
  • A.MIG-1252 Red brown
  • A.MIG-1602 PLW Deep Grey
  • A.MIG-1608 PLW Dark Green Grey
  • A.MIG-1617 PLW Blue Black
  • A.MIG-1618 PLW Deep Brown
  • A.MIG-3004 Europe Earth
  • A.MIG-3009 Gun Metal
  • A.MIG-3027 Farm Dark Earth
  • A.MIG-2025 Extra Thin Cement
  • A.MIG-8040 Masking Tape #3 (10mm x 25m)
  • A.MIG-2010 Scratches Effects
  • A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner 35mL
  • A.MIG-2029 Ultra Decal-Set
  • A.MIG-2030 Ultra Decal-Fix
  • A.MIG-2032 Ultra Liquid Mask
  • A.MIG-2040 Arming Putty Classic
  • A.MIG-8212 ALC600 Aqua Gloss Clear

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