AMMO Collection Shaders



Get the full AMMO shader products range together. (20 Jars 10 mL)

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Acrylic based paint specially formulated to be airbrushed to create shadow effects in specific areas. The semi-transparent finish of this paint makes it perfectly suited to shade the panel lines and recesses of your models. It can be also used to simulate dirt stains and streaks by airbrushing thin lines. It is also possible to slightly alter the base colours to represent more heavily weathered surfaces. 

Airbrushed Shaders dry completely in 24 hours. If a more transparent effect is desired, this product can be diluted with Acrylic Thinner A.MIG-2000.

Colors included:

A.MIG-0850 Orange Shader A.MIG-0860 Sky Blue Shader
A.MIG-0851 Light Rust Shader A.MIG-0861 Marine Blue Shader
A.MIG-0852 Earth Shader A.MIG-0862 Night Blue Shader
A.MIG-0853 Dirt Shader A.MIG-0863 Light Green Shader
A.MIG-0854 Grime Shader A.MIG-0864 Light Olive Drab Shader
A.MIG-0855 Starship Filth Shader A.MIG-0865 Military Green Shader
A.MIG-0856 Light Grey Shader A.MIG-0866 Dark Green Shader
A.MIG-0857 Navy Grey Shader A.MIG-0867 Yellow Shader
A.MIG-0858 Ash Black Shader A.MIG-0868 Candy Red Shader
A.MIG-0859 Violet Shader A.MIG-0869 Light Clay Shader

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AMMO Collection Shaders

Get the full AMMO shader products range together. (20 Jars 10 mL)

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