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AMMO Pigments Collection



Get the full AMMO Pigments range together. (31 Jars 35mL).

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With the knowledge gained from years of experience, Mig Jimenez has developed this modeler specific line of useful and versatile pigment colors for a range of effects and techniques.

Avoid wasting time with inaccurate colors and inferior quality with the best line of pigments available from AMMO.

Colors included:

A.MIG-3000 Pigment Fixer A.MIG-3016 White
A.MIG-3001 Black A.MIG-3017 Primer Red
A.MIG-3002 Light Dust A.MIG-3018 Middle East Dust
A.MIG-3003 North Africa Dust A.MIG-3019 Army Green
A.MIG-3004 Europe Earth A.MIG-3020 Metal Slag
A.MIG-3005 Medium Rust A.MIG-3021 Polished Metal
A.MIG-3006 Light Rust A.MIG-3022 Vietnam Earth
A.MIG-3007 Dark Earth A.MIG-3023 Sinai Dust
A.MIG-3008 Track Rust A.MIG-3024 Negev Sand
A.MIG-3009 Gun Metal A.MIG-3025 Syrian Ground
A.MIG-3010 Concrete A.MIG-3026 Golen Earth
A.MIG-3011 Airfield Dust A.MIG-3027 Farm Dark Earth
A.MIG-3012 Sand A.MIG-3028 City Dark Dust
A.MIG-3013 Rubbel A.MIG-3029 Winter Soil
A.MIG-3014 Russian Earth A.MIG-3030 Factory Dirt Ground
A.MIG-3015 Brick Dust  

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AMMO Pigments Collection

Get the full AMMO Pigments range together. (31 Jars 35mL).

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