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Essentials 2022 - WWII Aircrafts Maximize

Essentials 2022 - WWII Aircrafts


This set of essentials contains everything required for assembly and the weathering products required to build and weather any WWII aircraft model in any scale, all in a single box.  

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You now hold the essential products used to achieve any kind of effect. You can mix and match the products in each range to achieve middle tone effects, apply Aqua Gloss protective varnish to seal and protect effects, Washes to bring out the raised details of cockpits, landing gear and moving panels, Filters to change the tone of individual panels, Shaders to render shading and dirt effects, PLW used to apply washes to panel lines of any camouflage colour, Streakingbrusher effects to render runoff and dripping effects, Oilbrusher colours used to easily represent the effects of discoloured paint, dirt and stains of all kinds. This comprehensive essentials set also includes Odourless Thinner for enamels and oils, Pigments to apply dirt effects on wheels, cockpits and wing roots, Dio-Drybrush colours used to make chipping and authentically worn paint effects on cockpits, engines, undercarriages, edges and reliefs in general, and this set even includes Metallic colours for small but critical details.

Also included are the brushes used to apply each of the different effects and the essential products for assembly and placement of decals with glue, putty, masking tape and Ultra Decal products.

The complete list of products you will find in this new WWII Aircrafts Essentials box is shown below:

  • AMIG0618    Chipping
  • AMIG0620    Dark Sand
  • AMIG0622    Gun Metal
  • AMIG0853    Dirt Shaders
  • AMIG0855    Starship Filth Shader
  • AMIG0858    Ash Black Shader
  • AMIG0191    Steel
  • AMIG0194    Matt Aluminium
  • AMIG0092    Crystal Green
  • AMIG0093    Crystal Red
  • AMIG0703    Acrylic Wash Interiors Wash
  • AMIG1008    Dark Wash
  • AMIG0804    Acrylic Filter Starship Filth
  • AMIG0823    Acrylic Filter Medium Brown
  • AMIG0828    Acrylic Filter Sand Grey
  • AMIG3513    Starship Filth (OilBrushers)
  • AMIG3517    Buff (OilBrushers)
  • AMIG1251    Cold Dirty grey
  • AMIG1253    Grime
  • AMIG1259    Starship grime
  • AMIG1609    PLW Storm Grey
  • AMIG1611    PLW Black Night
  • AMIG1622    PLW Ochre for Sand Camo
  • AMIG3007    Dark Earth
  • AMIG3011    Airfield Dust
  • AMIG8595    4 Syntetic Filbert Brush
  • AMIG8611    3/0 Syntetic ROUND Brush
  • AMIG8621    6 Syntetic Flat Brush
  • AMIG2046    Red Magma Cement
  • AMIG8040    Masking Tape #3 (10mm X 25M)
  • AMIG2010    Scratches Effects
  • AMIG2018    Enamel Ouderless Thinner 35 ML
  • AMIG2029    Ultra Decal-Set
  • AMIG2030    Ultra Decal-Fix
  • AMIG2039    Arming Putty Acrylic Type
  • AMIG2503    A-STAND Aqua Gloss Clear

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